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There has been a very long history for herbal application in China
Chinese herbal medicine has a very long history and rich experience in effectively treating chronic diseases. There exist so many rich contents in relation to how to deal with ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease in ancient herbal medicine archieves that even to digest them can bring a lot of unexpected results clinically. Hunan Yongzhong TCM Hospital is a medicine institute specialized in research and treatment of ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.

Chinese Herbal Medicine for Crohns Disease

1. Deficiency of qi and blood, the flowing obstruction of qi and blood due to the ddweakness of both kidney and spleen.

Herbal medicine formula:Lian Kei Yu Yang Soup:

astragalus root       30g
ovate atractylodes root   20g
cuscuta seed  30g
bupleurum root     10g
bletilla tuber     12g
notoginseng root     3g
costusroot      12g
alum    1.5g
cuttlefish bone   30g
halloysite   24g

All the drugs are to be decocted in water for oral administration. Two times each day.

2. Excessive dampness injuring yang, the accumulation of damp-heat in the intestine

Herbal medicine formula: Kui Jie Soup

astragalus root    30g
coptis root   10g
poppy husk    15g
psoralea seed   15g
sumac gallnut    15g
sanguisorba root     15g

All the drugs are to be decocted in water for oral administration. Two times each day.

3.  Intestine wall ulceration

Herbal medicine formula: Washing Bowel Wall Soup

dragon's blood     6g
cuttlefish bone     15g
sanguisorba root   15g
rhubarb    10g

All the drugs are to be decocted in water. Then using a medical tube, doctor carefully thrust it into anus, about 20cm deep, then inject the liquid into intestine. Two times each day.

Acupuncture Treatment

1. Spleen deficiency subtype

The patient has to go to toilet 5-10 times every day. distention of the abdomen and appetite caused by the spleen and stomach deficiencies and the disorder of the spleen. The pulse is weak and the tongue is swollen with white coating.

Prescription: There are two groups, the first group is Pishu, Qihaishuand, Dachangshu and Qihai. The second group is Zhongwan, tianshu,Qihai and Zusanli.These two groups of points can be alternatively punctured to strengthen the spleen , invigorate qi.

Fist insert the needle into the Pishu with the twisting and reinforcing method by lifting and thrusting for half a minute and withdraw, then puncture Qihaishu, Dachangshu with the same method as above. Burn 3 cones of moxa on Pishu and Qihaishu, with the thin layer of drug paste between skin and the moxa. The treatment is given once a day or every other day. 10 times consist of the treatment. Raw, cold and contaminated food should be avoided.

2. Kidney deficiency subtype.

The patient had to go toilet before dawn with intolerance to cold and abdominal pain caused by kidney yang deficiency. The pulse is deep and thready and the tongue pale with white coating.

Prescription: There two groups. The first group consists of Mingmen, Shengshu, Qihaishu. The second group of Taixi, Tianshu, Qihai. These two groups of points can be alternatively punctured to warm the kidney and invigorate the kidney yang. moxibustion with Taixi moxa-stick is adopted. Each moxibustion lasts for 15 minutes, once a day or every other day. 10 time consist of a course of the treatment.

There exist many other points available for treating colitis.


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